As young parents, we discovered that getting our children and family photographed meant one of two things: either mediocre-quality, boring portraits taken by shopping mall and department store studios, or pricey sitting fees and prints we had to take out a small loan to pay for. Now you can have quality and affordability all at once!

We pride ourselves on being different and providing expert-level photography services, while keeping costs reasonable. Boyer Photography offers a wide range of services, including family, couples and children’s photography. We also do fashion modeling portfolios, senior portraits and event photography. We use only the best Nikon cameras and professional equipment to ensure that your photos come out looking their best.

Our service area includes all of San Diego, but focuses primarily on the coastal areas and North County. Because we are located in Oceanside, we are also able to provide services to those in the southern part of Orange County.

Thanks for visiting our site. We hope you like what you see. Our schedule can fill up fast, so for best availability, book early!

Jason’s career started out when he attended graphic design school on the east coast. He learned the ins and outs of making photographs into picture-perfect images to be used in advertising. From there, he ventured into some web design work, which eventually led him down the road of becoming a full-fledged programmer. He worked for Fortune 100 companies, coding web applications for some monumental projects. But something was missing, and he didn’t know what.

With the birth of his first child, he was prompted to buy a camera. It wasn’t a great camera. In fact, it was really quite pathetic and took the sort of pictures you would expect such a camera to take. Several years later, as the birth of his second child approached, he knew that he wanted to take better pictures of his children, yet had no idea where to start. After doing a little research, he got his first DSLR camera. He experimented with different lenses and lighting, attended classes, dug through piles of books and dove into photography head-first, upgrading his camera and equipment several times along the way. It rekindled his passion for light and color and inspired him to create. There was no turning back.

With time and experience came the skills one needs to take great photographs, but in addition to that, Jason discovered he had a real talent for capturing moments; those moments in time that happen once and then may never happen again. His ability to compose and shoot the perfect photograph in *that* moment is what makes his photography special. And our clients agree, which is why they come back to us.

In addition to being a photographer herself, Trish has spent plenty of her days on the other side of the lens. Years of dance as a child, followed by modeling and pageants as a teen, gave her many opportunities to be photographed in a variety of environments. She uses her skills gained through those experiences to scout locations for shoots, help pose clients, and make hair and wardrobe adjustments, when needed. Her friendly and caring personality helps clients to let go of any anxiety they have about being photographed, so that they can relax, have fun and be themselves. She is the reason our clients have a great time and truly enjoy being photographed.

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