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A Tender Moment

A Tender Moment Jason recently spent some time with his friend John and had the pleasure of meeting John’s lovely wife, Kerri, and their new baby, Matthew. The love that they share for each other and their precious little one is not at all hard to see. At just 3 months old, little Matthew has a lot of growing to do and wanted to spend the whole day eating and sleeping in order to fuel that growth. This meant he wasn’t keen on posing for portraits, but Jason did manage to snap a few of pictures for the family to commemorate this special time in their lives, when John and Kerri went from being a...

The Forecast: Wedding with a chance of showers

The Forecast: Wedding with a chance of showers For days leading up to this wedding, we watched the weather reports closely. The forecast bounced back and forth from heavy rains to no rain at all, and a myriad of predictions somewhere in the middle. The ceremony was to be held outdoors, on a grassy area overlooking the beach in La Jolla and with no options to move the wedding date, time or location, the wedding would go on as planned rain or shine! On the drive from Oceanside, we encountered a few heavy downpours and wondered what the ceremony location and time would have in store for us. The bride had a great attitude about it all. She...

Jordan & Angela’s Engagement

Jordan & Angela’s Engagement Angela has worked with Boyer Photography before in developing her modeling portfolio and she loved the services we provided to her. So when she got engaged, she approached us to see if we could do an engagement photo session with her and her fiancé. The first date they had booked with us ended up with a storm approaching, and since they wanted outdoor portraits on a non-rainy day, we quickly rescheduled for a few days later when they would be available again. Since we are all located in the northern part of San Diego, we met up with them in Carlsbad for a bit of casual fun, where an alley, a...

President’s Day in the Park

President’s Day in the Park This couple booked us to photograph their March wedding, but because they found us late in their search for a photographer, they hadn’t planned on having the time for an engagement portrait shoot. Since we love to get to know our clients before the “big day,” we encouraged them to spend an afternoon with us at Balboa Park in San Diego for some pre-wedding photos. Despite it being a holiday, we weren’t headed to the zoo or museums, and that’s where the crowds would be, so that left the areas we wanted to go with very little foot traffic. These two love to play and truly enjoy each...

Fun with Toddlers!

Fun with Toddlers! Kids’ photography can present challenges at times. Because children can be unpredictable, and they may become bored quickly, it may be difficult to keep the attention and interest of a little one during a portrait session. Because we are parents ourselves, we understand this all too well and try to anticipate what will re-engage a child in the session, keeping it a happy event for the child AND the parent. We often bring things like toys, silk flowers, bubbles (does any kid *not* like bubbles?) and Smarties candies (only if mom and dad approve, of course!) to keep little ones smiling...

Jack & Ruby in Love

Jack & Ruby in Love Ruby recently got in touch with us to do a couples portrait session in San Diego. She and Jack currently live on different coasts, so when they get to spend time together, the last thing on their minds is having a photographer follow them around to take pictures. But Ruby wanted some nice pictures to share with friends and family and Jack was coming out for a visit, so she booked a sunset session on the beach for a day when he would be in town. Not only are they a beautiful couple, but the way the interact is so sweet. Their love is apparent and makes them such a joy to...

Welcome to Boyer Photography

Welcome to Boyer Photography Are you looking to get some great professional photos without going broke? Let Boyer Photography help! As young parents, we discovered that getting our children and family photographed meant one of two things: either mediocre-quality, boring portraits taken by shopping mall and department store studios, or hiring a photographer that charged insane sitting fees and prints we’d have to take out a small loan to pay for. Now you can have quality and affordability all at once! We pride ourselves on being different and providing expert-level photography services, while keeping costs...
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